From July 3 – September 29, 2017 receive 50% off
Cassette Surcharge on Genesis Custom Shades

Genesis shades from Lafayette are constantly evolving.  With over 370 fashionable and functional fabrics in different collections, based on their purpose – Origins, Companions, Conceal, Enlighten,  Designer Screens, Performance Screens, and Solar Screens. Genesis offers both small and large cassette systems that are color coordinated to the shade and covered with the same material for a finished custom look.


From July 3 – September 29, 2017 receive
an extra 10% off Sheer Visions Verticals

It all starts with a simple vertical blind, combined with a seamless sheer that gently filters the light, embracing the view. The transformation begins when the seamless sheer envelopes the vertical louvers in a perfect partnership, offering the ultimate in luxurious light and privacy control.


From July 3 – September 29, 2017 receive an extra 10% off
Soft Fashions Cornices & Fabric Shades


Order Cornices or Fabric Shades from the Essential Beginnings program or the Interior Masterpieces program, and receive 10%.
Essential Beginnings is designed to guide you through the style and fabric selection process.  For a more extensive offering, the Interior Masterpieces ordering is a designer’s dream.


From July 3 – September 29, 2017 receive
an extra 10% off Tenera Shades

Tenera ShadesTenera Sheer Shadings not only look good but they offer exceptional UV protection with up to 88% ultraviolet protection with the vanes open and 99% when closed. These beautiful and uniquely shaped window fashions provide exceptional view-through while transforming harsh daylight even when opened.